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Orugallu Technology India Institute TEchnology - University Study Center with Govt. India

We are online Education,regular full time University education with Govt. India Certificate minimam fees Univeristy Scholerships , fellowships avalable

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Dr. A.Gopal- Proffessor computer and medical Technology & Admin officer - orugallu India Online college-hanamkonda,-Warangal city-Telangana india university team www.yas.nic.ing,ignou.ac.in -phone: 8185944713 year 2021- sankrathi telugu festival greetings
in hanamkonda,Warangal-Telangana india city the india bharatiya telangan telugu team univeristy youth team employees ,software industry team www.yas.nic.in ,ignou.ac.in ,orugalluindiaonlinecollege.net in the india republic day on 26 th january 2021 hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telangana india-web www.indiainfonet.net , www.orugalluindiaonlinecollege.net

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Dr. A.Gopal-ORUGALL INDIA ONLINE COLLEGE & m.s.m.e engineering service industry with Govt india - Proffessor Computer engineer & MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY and Management Admin officer-phone: 8185944713 HANAMKONDA,wARANGAL CITY-TELANGANA INDIA
Dr. A.Gopal - India Univeristy bhartiya universitues acadamic telangana telugu bhratiya acadamic team www.yas.nic.in www.ignou.ac.in acadamic president - happy republic day greetings year 26-2021- Phone: 8185944713
orugallu Technology india software industry & orugallu india Online college
hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telagnana india umiversity team www.yas.nic.in www.ignou.ac.in

Dr. A.Gopal -Management Engineering Admin officer & Proffessor Computing engineering& medical TEchnology
& Principal Scientitist computing enginering
orugallu technology india -Online College and University study center with Govt india & M.S.M.E ENGINEERING SESRVICE INDUSTRY WITH GOVT india
university road,hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telagana india
about Dr. A.Gopal he is arya vysya hanamkondam warangal city tsindia-hindu univeristgy bhratiya ubduindia Dr. A.Gopal -india telangana telugu university acadamic team President
web online www.orugallutechnologyindia.co.in, www.indiainfonet.net
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Prof. Dr. A.Gopal,Phone: 8185944713 -gigner mix,termaric,with lemon juce good for health immunity booster india aurvedic medicine educaiton online

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orugallu india online College with Govt india.-hanammkonda,Warangal city-Telangana india-online web www.orugalluindiaonlinecollege.net
Dr. A.Gopal - Proffessor Computer Sceince enginering & medical Technology-cotact Phone: 8185944713- Computer education,Date: 24-1-2021,time:21:33 india standard time
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Dr. A.Gopal - Proffessor Computer engineirng & princpa Scientist computing engineering & medical technology & Management Admin officer & orugallu india online college with Govt india-hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telangana india
Dr. A.Gopal - he is arya vysya hindu telangan telugu team india-cotact Phone: 8185944713
india univeristy team www.yas.nic.in , www.ignou.ac.in

arya vysya telangana telugu team india
Date: 30-1-2021-time: 21:21 india standrd time
hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telangana-india
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www.orugalluindiaonlinecollege.net, www.indiainfonet.net,www.orugallutechnologyindia.co.in

Prof. Dr. A.Gopal - University online education Prof. Dr. A.Gopal - University online education

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Date: 3-1-2021 - Dr. A.Gopal - india online educaiton lesson time in 12 munutes and 25 seconds hanamkonda,Warangal city-telagnana india
online educaiton lesson time in 16 munutes and 7 seconds is hanamkonda,Warangal city-telagnana india

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orugallu india online college -hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telangana india university team

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Computer education notes and Computer Education Online

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information technology conference economy development india on education ,medical technology at hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telagnana india 24-12-2020 clcik below for education online university team youth scholars acadamci team bhratiya telangna telugu acadamic team in in this conference hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telangana india time education :
ORUGALL TECHNOLOGY SOFTWARE INDUSTRY M.S.M..E industry WITH GOVT INDIA -Online educaiton- warangal city history -computer for agriculture india -india online educaiton lesson time in 22 munutes and 25 seconds hanamkonda,Warangal city-telagnana india
hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telangana india-Phone: 8185944713 India Univeristy team www.yas.nic.in,www.ignou.ac.in -Dr. A.Gopal - India University bhartiya acadamic telugu telangana team President
online web www.orugallutechnologyindia.co.in ,www.indiainfonet.net

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Dr.A.Gopal Proffessor Computer engininering & Management Admin officer-orugallu India onlinc college university road,hanamkonda,Warangal city-Telangana india-phone: 8185944713
orugallu india online college Govt india registraion number certificate india

note: orugallu india online college with Govt india registed & gov recognized courses offred with minimam fee with self financed courses and minimam we are offering courses with university affiliaiton with mimam fee scholerships,fellowships avalable we are affiaition with number of universites for online and regulars university courses .
college location: hanamkonda,Waranngal city -telangana india-web orugalluindiaonlinecollege.net

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